Building Design

Hopewell Adolescent Behavioral Health Center will be a major expansion project in the St. Louis City West End area. The location, 5647 Delmar, will be directly adjacent to the Betty Jean Kerr People’s Health Centers and the recently renovated St. Vincent Greenway Ruth Porter Mall Park. The expansion is designed to enhance the programs and physical environment for the care of children and adolescents in need of mental health services. This state-of-the-art 6 million dollar extension will provide a respite for working families, schools, parents, and children.


The 5647-55 Delmar Building is proposed to be re-built in place, with concrete footings and foundations, concrete slabs on grade, steel frame and metal decking, masonry walls, aluminum doors and windows and a low-slope roof, The 1st floor will contain 5,326 square feet, including entry, lobby and circulation, Hopewell’s children's services, two multi-purpose/community rooms and support spaces. The 2nd floor will have 2,980 square feet housing People’s Health Center’s Finance Department, and an exterior roof garden and terrace on the north side. On both floors there is a taller, open space on the west side of the building, where large windows with light shelves day-light the entire space behind a metal mesh façade screen, which provides shading against the afternoon sun, while giving access to the light air, views and greenery of the new Ruth Porter Greenway, now complete on the west side of the site. The large 2-story east elevation will be broken down with brick and stucco planes. On the south side, along Delmar Boulevard, there will be a more formal masonry façade with geometric terracotta panels making a gesture toward the Art Deco building across the street. The west side will be organized by the large window wall and façade screen, as well as the central entry with it’s canopy, which makes the transition between the 1-story and 2-story volumes. On the north side there will be a small inset for exit doors and a service entry. Each room in the center will be designed around the need for comfort sharing and healing that each may need.

LEED/Green Narrative

The building will be designed and constructed to utilize energy efficient systems, components, controls and equipment, and it will be constructed for land, resource, power and water use reduction, contamination and pollution prevention and control, and using local and regional, and low-emitting, non toxic materials, products and finishes whenever practicable. With a narrow building and extensive day-lighting, it is anticipated that we could achieve at minimum LEED silver certification. The interior functions will be organized around clear, simple circulation loops, using open, adaptable, collaborative, flexible and multi-purpose area wherever possible, with bold, clean simple shapes and volumes and cool, airy, light-reflecting materials, furnishing, and finishes. It is anticipated that with the large western windows and light shelves, all occupied spaces in the building will be able to be day-lit.